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Fees & Booking

Chiropractic Follow Up and Regular Treatment

Lasts up to 20 minutes. May include spinal manipulation, soft tissue work, dry needling, and/or other forms of treatment £55

New Patient Consultation and Treatment

If you have not been to Chiroclinic before this is the starting point for Chiropractic Treatment. The appointment can last up to 60 minutes and includes consultation, examination, explanation of findings, discussion of proposed treatment plan, and if appropriate a first treatment is included. £80 (£100 from 1/4/24)

Free 20min Consultation

Not sure if Chiropractic treatment will help you this is an opportunity to for a 20 minute consultation and assessment with no further obligation

Cranial Treatment

Gentle touch and hold to various parts of the skull to allow for the benefits of decompressing cranial sutures. This appointment can last up to 30 minutes. £65

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